Racking Pallet

With many millions sold and racked across the globe, and zero reported cargo damage over the span of 15 years, the Racking Pallet represents our most utilized pallet by our many customers. Manufactured and tested using worldwide industry recognized standards, each is specifically engineered to meet the needs of those customers who utilize open beam racking throughout their logistics supply chain. The Racking Pallet has been engineered, designed, and tested to provide the same level of strength and racking capability as the wood, aluminum, or hard-plastic counterpart while still maintaining our competitive lightweight cost savings advantage. This patented blend of materials and processes used results in a product that yields the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio which in turn generates maximum cost savings. Other features include four-way entry via floor jack and forklift and can be equipped w/ an embedded RFID tamper-proof tracking tag.


Weight: 3.3 – 3.9kgs*
Standard Sizes: 1200 x 1000 / 1200 x 800 / 48 x 40
Pallet Height: 120mm – 150mm
Static Load: 2,500kgs*
Dynamic Load: 1,620kgs*

*Varies by part number (spec requested)
(See custom pallets for non-standard spec info)


The Racking Pallet deck architecture and leg footprint was specifically engineered and designed to safely open rack in standard NA/EU beam configurations and general racking systems. As the above comparison shows, the Airdex Racking Pallet delivers the required racking capabilities to that of wood. While engineered and designed to function specifically within open racks (no crossbeams and/or screens), the leg configuration of the Airdex Racking pallet will and can also be further supported by the addition of crossbeams and/or screens.

When looking from below, the Airdex Racking Pallet rests comfortably on racking supports, comparable to how wood pallets are aligned on the supports. The Racking Pallet has been specifically designed to ensure balanced weight distribution and product safety through visibility occurs when placed on rack beams. Furthermore, through utilization of our in-house R&D facilities, our products are able to be tailor-made (customized) to suit your racking system requirements (if any).