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Airdex International commits to our customers and looks to assist and construct a creative solution to each logistics operation. At Airdex we manufacture products that specifically fit the needs of our clients. Although the core product line of Airdex resides in our racking, air, and half pallet dimensions and specifications, Airdex offers custom solutions designed in collaboration between our customers and highly specialized team.

Through our innovative solutions and our tailor-made R&D facilities, Airdex is committed to providing our customers significant cost savings. Equal to this commitment is the importance of reducing the impact of our overall environmental footprint, hence the development of our pickup and recycling program. Finally, as we understand that there are many interests involved in the worldwide shipping industry, Airdex works with all parties to ensure a seamless operation including universal use and acceptance. The products we offer include:

Our air pallets are designed to reduce overall pallet weight while increasing the weight-carrying capacity and maximizing an LD-7’s surface area. This line of pallets represents the lightest in our offering with an average weight of 3kg. With the ability to fully maximize the space of each LD-7, the air pallet will ensure savings in two core areas – pallet weight and ULD square footage enhancement.
The Airdex racking pallet is one of our core products – manufactured specifically for those customers who utilize open beam rack systems throughout their logistics operation. We have engineered this pallet to provide the same level of strength as the wood or hard-plastic competitors’ while maintaining our performance edge on weight-to-strength ratio. Staying true to our financial-centric model, we ensure our customers will experience significant cost savings while confident the Airdex Racking Pallet will perform in a two or three beam rack system.
Half pallets represent one way that Airdex has expanded our product offering to suit the demand of our customers. Looking to be the sole pallet supplier for air freight, our half pallet touches the design capability of Airdex, and the customization our customers can expect when using our products. These products have been developed to supply those who ship partial loads and as a way to continually support the requests of those who purchase our products.
At Airdex we understand that not every customer’s (or potential customer’s) supply chain is equal to another, and as such, there may be a need for a specifically designed product to fit a current or future product line. In these situations, Airdex’s R&D labs can be tasked to create a unique solution for a specific purchaser to handle the complexity of their logistics operation.
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