Pick Up and Recycling

Carrying you to destinations world wide

As Airdex is dedicated to reducing not only its own environmental footprint, but that of the customers we serve. Because of this commitment, Airdex has established a network of recyclers, trucking partners and recovery centres to facilitate the quick removal and disposal of our pallets from the customers’ end point. Airdex Recycling establishes these strategic partnerships to ensure that our customer’s needs are fulfilled without financial nor environmental impact. We aim to provide zero landfill exposure and as such create partnerships with those who promote the same philosophy.


As the United States represents our customers’ largest inbound site, we have developed a nationwide program to successfully recover and dispose at all locations. Through our program we guarantee zero landfill waste and a second life for the material.


We have partnered with country-specific recyclers and transportation companies to create unique solutions fit specifically to each individual customer in order to obtain consistent procedures. Through increased shipment to Europe, the Airdex recycling strategic partnership network will continue to grow across the continent.


As the significant proportion of Airdex products are produced and shipped out of Asia to other locations, the volume and demand for final-destination recycling is smaller than destinations such as North America. Asia recovery is provided on a customer-basis where we work closely with our primary purchaser in order meet their specific requirements.

Should there be a need for recycling in locations other than currently serviced, Airdex will work with the customer to develop a recycling solution fit for their purposes. Airdex has consistently been able to develop new strategic partnerships to ensure recycling solutions for its customers and reduce the overall environmental impact of the Airdex value chain.

Contact us at recycling@airdex.com for all your recycling questions and inquiries.

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