Custom Pallets and Products

Custom products updated

Utilizing our internal CNC design machines, compression testing, and open rack equipment, we have the unique ability to develop products that are specific to our customers logistics operation. Understanding that each lane, endpoint, and process contains variety, Airdex revels in the opportunity to creatively design customer-specific products.

Due the complexity of the logistics industry many of our customers request products that are specific to their operation in order to avoid change in process. In these moments Airdex works directly with the logistics, packaging, and procurement departments of our customer to design unique products that fit perfectly within the logistics operation.

From product-specific designs and shapes to strength-enhancing techniques, Airdex is leading the industry in custom pallets and capability. By taking full advantage of our R&D labs we are able to swiftly and accurately react to our customers requirements always looking towards the future and establishing a partnership with our users.

Sample Custom Solutions

Custom product – Airdex Exo-Krate solution for Cisco

Custom Product – Airdex Ultra-low profile pallet

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