Air Pallet

The Air Pallet represents an ultra-lightweight non-racking shipping solution. The pallet features a unique cut-in leg design that will allow for placing six (6) on a ULD (typically five (5) for wood, aluminum, plastic, etc.) while preventing any net locking obstructions. This creates a value proposition whereby maximum space is utilized along with the weight reduction derived from the pallet thereby creating a win-win financially/operationally. Furthermore, the Air Pallet allows for four-way entry via floor jack and forklift and can be equipped w/ an embedded RFID tamper-proof tracking tag. The Air Pallet has been in production for 13+ years and currently being used by numerous Fortune 100 companies as their premiere ‘go to’ pallet for transporting cargo.


Weight: 2.7 – 3.5kgs*
Standard Sizes: 1200 x 1000 / 48 x 40
Pallet Height: 120mm – 150mm
Static Load: 2,500kgs*
Dynamic Load: 1,620kgs*

*Varies by part number (spec requested)
(See custom pallets for non-standard spec info)