Half Pallet

Not every pallet load requires a full-size pallet. The Half/Quarter Pallets represent a customized ultra-lightweight shipping solution for those customers who don’t want to pay for unnecessary ULD/airfreight space as well as full sized pallets. This further demonstrates Airdex’s unique ability to custom create any pallet size / leg configuration to meet our customers’ needs. We are committed to providing custom airfreight solutions to our customers thereby yielding maximum logistics cost savings.


Weight: 1 – 2.5kgs*
Standard Sizes: 1200 x 530 / 1000 x 600 / 1000 x 575 / 850 x 530 / 800 x 600 / 500 x 530
Pallet Height: 120mm – 150mm
Static Load: 600 kgs
Dynamic Load: 400 kgs

*Varies by part number (spec requested)
(See custom pallets for non-standard spec info)