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Our foundation: high-tech, pharma, and perishable industries.

View the industries we service and the reasons companies within these segments choose Airdex over others when shipping their product by air.

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We listen, we engage, we problem solve by providing custom-made solutions.

We establish customer relationships to provide a higher service level and meet their needs more effectively.

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Airdex values our diverse group of people with various backgrounds…

Leveraging our employees different backgrounds, we are able to connect with a wide array of customers, enhancing customer loyalty.

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Half Pallet

Air Pallet

The Air Pallet represents an ultra-lightweight non-racking shipping solution. The pallet features a unique cut-in leg design that will allow for placing six (6) on a ULD (typically five (5) for wood, aluminum, plastic, etc.) while preventing any net locking obstructions.

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Racking Pallet (products landing pg)

Racking Pallet

With many millions sold and racked across the globe, and zero reported cargo damage over the span of 15 years, the Racking Pallet represents our most utilized pallet by our many customers. Manufactured and tested using worldwide industry recognized standards, each is specifically engineered to meet the needs of those customers who utilize open beam racking throughout their logistics supply chain. 

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Half Pallet 2-800x400

Half Pallet

Not every pallet load requires a full-size pallet. The Half/Quarter Pallets represent a customized ultra-lightweight shipping solution for those customers who don’t want to pay for unnecessary ULD/airfreight space as well as full sized pallets.

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Custom Pallets and Products

Utilizing our internal CNC design machines, compression testing, and open rack equipment, we have the unique ability to develop products that are specific to our customers logistics operation.

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Who We Are

Get an overview of our company. Meet our leaders. Learn about our products and the locations we service around the world.

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What We Do

Learn more about the core offering and added benefits of our products through programs and strategy.

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Explore industry news and keep up to date with the Airdex blog to see how we are learning from our industry to maintain our competitive advantage.

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