Cost Savings


Through the reduction in weight, utilizing Airdex over an alternative pallet, our customers are able to recognize significant savings in air freight expense for their weight-based loads. The materials used in Airdex products are specifically chosen for their strength-maximizing characteristics in order to support the load while reducing pallet weight by over 75%. This translates to an average net savings for our customers of $25 to $40 per pallet load.


The below diagram illustrates the potential financial savings for our customers through the utilization of various airfreight rates;

Note: While each business’s air freight rate may vary from the stated ‘average of $4.00 per kilo’, and each company may look to blend their rates for all lanes, we have taken a standard rate for Asia export to North America and Europe. We believe that our customers’ spend is the largest for these lanes and this is where Airdex can have the greatest impact on the total expenditure for air freight cost. Furthermore, while 3kg is the average weight of a typical Air Pallet, this weight may vary should there be a custom requirement.


The Airdex solution also has been known to provide cost savings in the form of a reduction in reverse logistics driven by product damage.  When using timber pallets, product damage often occurs when the pallets break and nails or timber shards penetrate the goods. This impacts the transportation of all types of goods, from consumer electronics to fresh produce and is significantly reduced with the use of Airdex pallets. The Airdex pallet is extremely durable, with statistics showing that even in the event of broken legs the product being shipped stays damage-free due to the rigid top deck.

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