Research and Development


Airdex International, committed to offering the most technologically advanced air freight products, has established research and development sites in Asia and North America to further refine our product line. Leveraging our strength in engineering, we at Airdex consider R&D to be one of our core competencies and as such are continually redefining the logistics packaging industry through product development.

Utilizing our in-house CNC design machines, compression testing equipment and open rack equipment we have the capability to develop products that are specific to your logistics operation. Airdex has the unique ability to perform critical tests in an effort to utilize the least amount of material possible for any custom or new product. This furthers our pledge to supply the most cost effective products for air freight whilst ensuring all products are the highest possible quality.

CNC Machine

The automated CNC machine Airdex has in its R&D sites enables the company to tailor-fit our offering to our customers’ needs whilst ensuring performance is held to the highest standard. Adhering to internationally recognized standards, such as ASTM, and following globally recognized practices, Airdex ensures the quality and performance of all products manufactured across our global sites, including all custom-made solutions.

Testing Tools

Our state-of-the-art compression test and racking system allows Airdex to perform comprehensive testing on any custom-designed products, adjustments to products and existing pallets to continually improve our product line – pushing the boundaries of an industry rooted in past with archaic material use such as wood. Through this facility, our customers can be confident when purchasing Airdex products that safety and performance standards will be met, and Airdex is proud to state that through the sale of over 6,000,000 pallets there have been zero reported pallet failures or product damage.

Compression tool


Utilizing our R&D facilities, Airdex has been able to develop innovative solutions to provide customers additional security options whilst maintaining our cost advantage, such as the addition of a single RFID tag per pallet. Airdex products provide the unique ability to embed an RFID tag (or other tracking device) within the pallet leg (underneath the skin) to prevent tampering and/or damage to the device. Furthermore, as a result of thorough research and development, Airdex pallets require only a single RFID tag located in the middle leg of the pallet. This can be read from any of the four sides, providing full visibility and a 100% read-first-time success rate without obstruction by the pallet materials. In comparison, the wood and metal in other pallets obstruct the RFID scanning process so require more than one RFID tag & reader to compensate for this. This design reduces costs to our customers through various ways, in the form of materials (RFID chips), RFID scanners and right-first-time efficiency. Airdex is able to provide an innovative security solution that solves a common problem in other products whilst maintaining the position as the most cost-effective option.

Customized solutions

The Research and Development sites have allowed Airdex to develop custom solutions for several Fortune 500 companies, which include tailor-made low-profile pallets, custom crates and other made-to-order products. The in-house development and testing facilities ensures the products are always designed in collaboration with the customer and wide expertise of our team, and tested sufficiently to provide our customer with a product that meets the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Custom product – Airdex Exo-Krate solution for Cisco

Custom product – Airdex Exo-Krate (Cisco) development and product testing

Custom Product – Airdex Ultra-low profile pallet

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