Perishable Industry Expansion

02 May 2020

Recognizing the need to diversify our customer base through alternative industry opportunities, AIRDEX targeted the perishables market to expand our footprint. We saw this as an attractive next step from an understanding that these companies follow our general financial-based business model. Leveraging our long-standing relationships (Able Freight – Los Angeles) and what we knew about the industry, success struck in 2015 when we secured a supply agreement with the largest berry producer in the world.

Building off this success, looking to expand, we carefully analyzed and assembled a detailed report that compares the use of our pallets v alternatives with relation to temperature and shock & vibration (both harmful to produce). Through various scientific ‘controlled’ tests and visual trials, we were able to demonstrate that AIRDEX pallets, based on their material composition, effectively reduced the energy transmitted to the product which lead to a sellable product increase of 18%. In addition, because our pallets have thermal insulating properties due to their material composition and solid (non-slatted) deck which reduces heat transfer, we were able to show a noticeable temperature decrease when compared to alternatives.

With these value-added benefits, in addition to the air freight savings via pallet weight reduction (and environmentally friendly characteristics), we look to expand our brand and customer base within the perishable market.

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02 May 2020

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02 May 2020

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02 May 2020

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