Research & Development

Leveraging our strength in engineering, we consider R&D to be one of our core competencies and as such are continually redefining the logistics packaging industry through product development.
Utilizing in-house CNC machines, compression and open rack testing equipment, Airdex has the unique ability to perform a wide array of optimal performance tests. Because of this, as the pioneers of this strength-to-weight technology, we are able to supply the most cost-effective (through material and engineered efficiencies) pallet solutions.
Through R&D development, we have the unique ability to apply enhanced security solutions to each pallet by embedding a RFID tag (or other tracking device) within the pallet leg to prevent tampering. Also, because of the ‘no metal’ nature of our pallets, there is little-to-no interference (full visibility) from tag-to-reader which eliminates the need to place multiple tags on a pallet.

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